Searching for information on logos, licensed merchandise and more? Our Frequently Asked Questions cover a variety of topics. Please submit a Request Support form for additional help. 

How can we help? 

Our Logos and Usage page includes logo files along with information on usage, sizes and best practices. This guide also includes helpful standards on identity assets and the University Seal. 

To qualify for an official co-brand, your area must meet the following criteria: 

  • Top-level colleges and administrative units 
  • One level down 

To access the Purdue logo or your co-brand, complete the request form. Please note that these files are available only for users with a University email address. 

Areas that do not qualify for a co-brand: 

  • Specific programs/majors 
  • Support services that live within a college/unit — these entities should use their college/department co-brand 

Secondary imprint areas should be utilized if you wish to include an administrative area as part of an apparel order; for example, “The Honors College co-brand on left side of chest” or “Information Technology in type on sleeve or yoke.” 

For more information on co-brand logos, visit our Logos and Usage page

Most templates use Adobe InDesign. These assets are easily accessible to graphic designers who have Adobe Creative Cloud installed. For nondesigners looking for branded templates, we recommend using Marq (formerly Lucidpress).

For more information on templates, visit our Toolbox page

Install brand fonts and find more information about our visual language on our Visual Identity page. Plus, you can download the Brand Guidelines to learn more about leading, tracking and typography and find helpful tips and tricks. 

Order a tablecloth for your upcoming event on our Promotional page. Tablecloths are ordered directly from Xerox and feature the Purdue logo plus your unit’s name. 

Branded photos are available for you to download through the public gallery on our PhotoShelter platform. This gallery additionally includes branded videos. 

Visit our Brand Guidelines to find out more about using brand marks like the Signature Mark, University Seal and more. Please contact us at purduebrand@purdue.edu for approvals outside of the stated brand guidelines. 

Purdue-licensed vendors can submit artwork for merchandise and apparel items for approval via Trademarks and Licensing. Please contact us at purduebrand@purdue.edu if you would like to review artwork prior to submission to ensure it meets brand standards. 

Visit our Promotional page for a full summary on merchandise and apparel design.  

Let us know about your idea for a story via the Request Support form on our Contact page. Select “content submission” in the drop-down box. We will review your idea and contact you if it’s a fit.  

All story ideas are vetted through a thorough process before being approved for production. There are many elements that make a story a strong fit for The Persistent Pursuit platform, from how it represents our brand pillars to whether it is unique to the Boilermaker experience. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your idea.

Visit the Our Team page on the MarCom site to see a complete list of our team. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, fill out the Request Support form on our Contact page.