Sharing Moments of Vaccine Lottery Victory

The arrival of the covid vaccines bolstered Purdue’s ambitious efforts to keep campus open, healthy and safe through the pandemic. Rewarding and recognizing vaccinated students would be a powerful way to incentivize those still on the fence.

With the Old Golden Ticket vaccination giveaway, 10 fully vaccinated current and incoming students were randomly selected to receive $9,992 — a full year of in-state tuition.

The winners represented a cross-section of majors including pharmacy, biology, engineering, computer science, statistics and finance. Winners received the news over surprise Zoom calls or through visits from the Boilermaker Special, Purdue Pete and other Protect Purdue representatives.


Golden Ticket Reveals dominated social media

with more than 2 million impressions in just over 1 week, and over 125,000 engagements.

More than a 100% increase compared to the previous month.

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