Protect Purdue Vaccine

Once vaccines became available, the logical next step to the Protect Purdue campaign was to encourage Boilermakers to get vaccinated.

Boosting Boilermaker Vaccination Numbers 

A case for the vaccine could easily have been made with data and statistics, but we chose to go right for the heart. 
We understood an emotional appeal could have a more immediate impact and sustained impact. Through a multi-touchpoint campaign driven by inspiring portraits and words of staff, faculty, and students, we made a powerful and moving statement that resonated with Boilermakers near and far. The impact of the Protect Purdue vaccine campaign could be felt across the West Lafayette campus and beyond.  


75%of all faculty, staff and students vaccinated by Fall 2021
86% of faculty and staff vaccinated by Fall 2021
84% of residents in university housing vaccinated by Fall 2021

A Content Package for Campus Partners 

Explore the Protect Purdue vaccine content package that was created for our campus partners to use to promote the vaccine. 


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