University Policies Relevant to Communicators

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Purdue University is the owner of the “Purdue” name and logo and all other associated marks. Use of Purdue’s marks without an express license or permission is strictly prohibited. Therefore, only brands and co-brands officially sanctioned and created by Purdue’s Office of Marketing and Communications, such as those to which you may gain access through this website, may be used. No Purdue mark (including any Purdue co-brand or mention of Purdue or Purdue University) may be created, modified, adapted, transformed, reworked, refashioned or changed in any other manner. Failure to comply may result in revocation of permission to use Purdue marks or co-brands as well as other sanctions imposed under authority of the Board of Trustees, and at user’s expense, to remedy the unsanctioned action or use.

Additional university policies and procedures managed by Purdue Marketing and Communications.