Social Media

Digital engagement is a powerful platform to share Purdue stories with past, present and future Boilermakers. Here are some tips to help your storytelling shine.


Official Approval

Per the University Social Media Policy, you must secure the approval of the appropriate administrative leader in your college, school, department or group (e.g., vice president, vice chancellor, vice provost, dean, etc.). You must also notify the appropriate campus authority, designated in the University Social Media Policy, of your plans.

Registering Your Social Media Presence

 Social Media accounts will be updated in late April 2020.

  • Per the University Social Media Policy, you must register each social media presence that your group maintains. The list of registered social profiles is available online. To register your presence, please complete the following form.
  • NetworkUser Name 
    Provide a list of all of your social media accounts by providing the network (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and User Name (e.g. @LifeAtPurdue). Add additional rows by clicking the + sign.


Posting Tips

  • Keep posts short and direct
  • Include photos, videos, or GIFs
  • Use Bitly to shorten URL (Branded Domains Available)
  • Post and monitor daily


  • Emojis help social media posts stand out and create brand continuity
  • Consider using the following emojis when planning out social media posts
    Train 🚂
    Hearts 💛🖤

Campus-wide Hashtags

  • #TheNextGiantLeap = Primary campaign
  • #MySmallStep = Student stories
  • #MyGiantLeap = Faculty/Alumni stories
  • #PurdueUniversity, #BoilerUp, #Boilermakers

How to Use the Hashtags

#MySmallStep, #MyGiantLeap or #TheNextGiantLeap

SAMPLE 1: #MySmallStep / #MyGiantLeap (Student or faculty profiles written in first person.)

#MySmallStep is studying the root causes of mental illness at Purdue University to someday become a leader in my field. Learn more about my journey at Purdue University toward #MyGiantLeap.

SAMPLE 2: #TheNextGiantLeap (Research, innovation and milestone stories.)

Purdue University anthropology professor Michele Buzon uses health and cultural evidence from burial sites to understand the lives of Nubians and Egyptians during the New Kingdom Empire. Learn more about her research and future trip to Sudan. #TheNextGiantLeap

SAMPLE 3: #TheNextGiantLeap (Research, innovation and milestone stories.)

Physics professor Robert Kramer and Purdue scientists have discovered how to cut down food waste and provide a renewable source of clean energy. Learn more about the team’s research. #TheNextGiantLeap

Social Media Channels


  • Audience(s): Parents, alumni, the general public.
  • Content: Stories about research initiatives, celebrations/milestones, current student profiles, alumni profiles. Photos and videos.


  • Audience(s): Current students, prospective students, alumni, the general public.
  • Hashtags: #MySmallStep, #MyGiantLeap, #PurdueUniversity, #BoilerUp, #Boilermakers, #PicturePurdue, #TheNextGiantLeap.
  • Emojis: 🚂💛🖤
  • Content: Events, students, student life, celebrations, milestones. Should serve as a high-quality photo gallery to showcase your organization.
  • Other Ideas: Use so every photo can be linked from the profile URL. See the Purdue Instagram page for an example.


  • Audience(s): Students, alumni, the general public.
  • Tagging: Always tag as many elements as possible — as well as Purdue departments. Check if professors are on Twitter and then reach out to let them know you’ll be tagging them in a tweet.
  • Hashtags: #MySmallStep, #MyGiantLeap, #PurdueUniversity, #BoilerUp, #Boilermakers, #TheNextGiantLeap.
  • Emojis: 🚂💛🖤
  • Content: Tweet and retweet about campus events, research initiatives, fun facts about Purdue.


  • Audience(s): Students, young alumni (job seekers), alumni (recruiters looking for young alumni), business professionals.
  • Tagging: Always tag as many elements as possible. Check if professors are on LinkedIn and then reach out to let them know you’ll be tagging them in a post.
  • Hashtags: #MySmallStep, #MyGiantLeap, #PurdueUniversity, #BoilerUp, #Boilermakers, #TheNextGiantLeap.
  • Content: Innovation — partnerships, research, student profiles, alumni profiles, professor profiles.

Managing a Social Account

  • Join the Purdue Social Media Slack Channel
  • Review for the most up-to-date information
  • Always use a departmental email to set up a new Purdue social media account
  • Make sure at least two employees have administrative access to social media accounts
  • Use LastPass to securely keep track of all passwords
  • Use Social Studio to schedule and engage in conversations
  • Go team! Follow other Purdue accounts to amplify their messages. Attend Boiler Social meetings. Future sessions will include professional development opportunities and sharing of best practices.