Brand Governance

Under the Delegation of President’s Authority policy (V.B.5) policy, administrative authority and responsibility for Marketing, including Brand Management, are among the activities delegated to the Vice President of Marketing.

Marketing is the administrative unit that is tasked with the management and protection of the University’s Brand as well as its federally registered and established by-use trademarks. Marketing governs brand integrity and consistency among all stakeholders through its established standards for the University Brand and its related Trademarks and Licensing policies.


Per the Clarification of Brand Governance from Purdue President Mitch Daniels, if a brand identity violation is identified, all expenditures related to the rogue material will be deducted from the unit’s next allocation. In other words, the University will not pay for violations of its brand standards, which do provide for reasonable flexibility to tailor and adapt to local uses. The unit in violation will be required to work with Marketing to determine the corrective action required, which may include redesign of print and/or electronic materials to be brand-compliant.