Purdue Marketing and Communications provides a variety of templates for print materials. If you are comfortable with InDesign, you can access the templates from our brand assets. The other option is to use Lucidpress.

Lucidpress allows you to build brochures, flyers and posters from predefined, branded templates that can easily be printed or sent to Xerox. The University has a limited number of licenses, so if you would like access to the system you can request a license through the marketing request form.

Flyer design using LucidPress

Lucidpress flyer template

How to use Lucidpress

The following information provides guidance on how to use Lucidpress and some tricks discovered by Marketing and Communications during the implementation of the initial templates. At this time, it’s recommended that you do not use Safari when working in Lucidpress.

Lucidpress Info Session – March 2, 2020

The Lucidpress User Guide also provides detailed information on how to use the Purdue Brand templates.